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The Andiamo Classico is designed with classical aesthetics and modern travel needs in mind. The beautiful high gloss finish and silent spinner wheels let you glide effortlessly through the airport and be the point of envy.

We proudly offer free U.S. shipping and a 100-day trial period.

Size: 22” X 14” X 8.5” (including wheels and handles)

Weight: 10.4 lbs

Capacity: 48 Liters

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The unique 30/70 split allows the Classico to have the most spacious interior. Multiple organizational pockets for easy access and compression pad to keep your belongings in place.


With a built in USB port, you can keep your phone charged on the go. Separate battery pocket inside to allow for easy access. (Battery pack not included)


56 customers reviews

Best Carry-on for Business Trip
New York
I just returned from my 3 days business trip with this carry-on luggage. It looks beautiful & I like it a lot. I literally took it with me to have meetings with clients, and it impressed my clients as well. The outer shell is quite durable. Super convenient that there are storage compartments for my laptop and any other accessories I want to bring on the plane too.The inside of the main compartment is divided that could be used to keep shoes separate or dirty things isolated. Tested and used. Recommended for sure.
Iona C.
Excellent customer service and LOVE MY ANDIAMO LUGGAGE!
Hello. I saw the Andiamo Lugagge on instagram since I'm always scrolling and looking for fashionable stuff. It was love at first sight and I knew I had to had it. Since I'm a flight attendant, as soon as I knew I was going to be in NY I tried to purchase it. Things came in the way is that it does not ship worldwide, so I decided to send an email for the customer service and I really thought back then that everything was lost, but then.. Carrie answered, she helped me through all of it, made every arrangements for the lugagge to arrive on the only day I had in NY, and handled everything that showed up. I had do to the purchase with a friends card from the US but it was really worth it. I LOVE MY ANDIAMO LUGGAGE! A big thanks to Carrie for the 5 stars customer service she provided. I'm really beyond grateful there's still people who do their best to help other people, on whatever the matter it is. Kindest Regards, Iona C. from Portugal.
Susan H
Easy to roll
This is really roomy luggage with easy 360 degree wheels that glide on any surface I went on. Love this luggage! One of the best carry-on I've seen. Flied two times with it, no issue.
Fancy Luggage
Needed a stylish suitcase to accompany my travels. This Andiamo Classico worked out perfect. Five Stars.
Ideal leisure/business carry on luggage
Santa Ana
The outer is shaped to look sleek, and therefore ideal as both leisure carry on or for business travels. Zipperless case with a TSA lock keep my items secure as well. Would recommend to those who travel regularly. It is certainly worth paying a little more for it.
Best suitcases I've owned!
California, US
Incredible quality! The wheels are the best compared to any other suitcase I own. I travel almost weekly for work and so I go through suitcases and get rid of those which have wheels that don't work well on the carpet that exists in many airports. This suitcase work well and are easy to close with the snap closure. It doesn't expand so if that's a feature you want this bag doesn't have it. But this suitcase will be around for a while!!
perfect luggage
Stylish, sturdy, very good quality. An excellent buy
Super Cute Carry On!
This case seriously looks classy!
Premium Carry-On Luggage
Florida, US
Sleek looking! The huge storage space makes it good to bring along for long vacations or when I was packing for the whole family. This bag opens with side latches, and can be secured with a built-in TSA-approved lock, so only myrself and the authorities who hold a universal master key will be able to tamper with luggage. It is very easy to open a zippered bag. As Youtube videos have shown, all you need is a ball point pen.
If you plan to fly, carry this one on :)
I purchased this bag early this year. I have traveled twice a week from CT to NYC with this bag (since Winter) and have no complaints. Reliable brand. Solid, attractive, appears well made.
It was perfect suitcase for the plane ride
Needed a quick bag for carrying travel. It was perfect for the plane ride, fitting in the overhead bin and holding a good amount of clothes. Well made and very expensive looking. You can visibly see the excellent quality.
it's SO stylish you feel good carrying it around
New York, NY
Agree with all the positive comments in the reviews.... it's stylish so you feel good carrying it around, and it's surprisingly roomy inside. Plus it fits in overhead bin of average airlines.
Cute carry on of correct size
California, US
Purchased this after searching forever for carry on luggage that actually fit Delta's 22x14x9 requirements. It is the only few option that has the correct size. Would buy the matching pieces and wow! This luggage was packaged nice. Thanks!!
Sleek, Attractive Carry-On,
Brand team's great - no problem. Very quick & responsive to processing order. Luggage is very attractive, nice glossy finish that would be easy to spot in an airport.
Michael J.
Five Stars
Jupiter Island, FL
Love it. Packed so much for 10 days. Just my size. Now my friends want one.
Jean M
Best suitcase for women and men
Syracuse, NY
Substantially better quality than the "designer label" junk that costs 50% more. So far, it's handled 2 trips to overseas to Sweden and am impressed. I got my wife the same model, and she loved it!
Terrific Carry-On with great extra features!
I have several pieces of luggage to choose from and this one is my favorite so far. I was mainly looking for a sturdy hard-sided carry-on without zipper closures, but this bag is all that and more. The spinners are as smooth as silk and I love the USB port that comes really handy. Got lots of compliments on sleek style and color as well. I've used it now on two international trips and one domestc, and I can't wait to use more of it.
My go-to carry on luggage. Very Satisfied.
Old Westbury, NY
- Looks great. Very nice finish. Visually appealing. - Decent storage space for a carry-on. - Durable Outer Shell - No issues with TSA sizing. - Wheels provide smooth movement. - Locking system is an added bonus.
Excellent and classy.
New York
Great design, super smooth wheels, and amazing quality interior materials. Highly Recommend.
Samantha R.
Dimensions meet Carry-on Standards
Southlake, TX
Bought this product because it specifically mentioned that it works with United Airlines's strict carry-on rules. I double checked the dimensions (on the United website) and the suitcase happened to be a bit smaller than the guidelines. Even better in my opinion as the size of carry-ons allowed on board continue to shrink. Seems roomy inside and can't wait for my trip! A little pricey but peace of mind was worth it for me.