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The Andiamo Classico is designed with classical aesthetics and modern travel needs in mind. The beautiful high gloss finish and silent spinner wheels let you glide effortlessly through the airport and be the point of envy.

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Size: 22” X 14” X 8.5” (including wheels and handles)

Weight: 10.4 lbs

Capacity: 35 Liters

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The unique 30/70 split allows the Classico to have the most spacious interior. Multiple organizational pockets for easy access and compression pad to keep your belongings in place.


With a built in USB port, you can keep your phone charged on the go. Separate battery pocket inside to allow for easy access. (Battery pack not included)


64 customers reviews

Luis G
Great luggage choice for neat freak travelers
I have had bad experiences with incredibly cheap hard sided luggage in the past- you get what you pay for, a couple I have used over the last few years have broken- bad quality plastic for the shell, and a wheel fell off of one. When I needed a new carry on, I decided to take it up a notch and spend a bit more money on a nicer piece, and I am glad I did! I'm also an organization nut, and love to pack neatly- when I discovered Andiamo Classico, I decided to try it. I've been very impressed, it's high quality luggage, well built, with what seems so far to be very nice hardware. The spinner wheels in particular are incredibly smooth.The retractable handle is more solid than on most carryon luggage I've seen. While maybe not the lightest luggage on the market, it's still very light. As for organization, it has several pockets for specific items, and separated compartment for laptop and laundry. All in all the first carry-on that I really like.
Arrived quickly, before expected, and exactly what I wanted
Love the look and the mobility. So far so good.
Gary T.
Beautiful, functional, well made and innovative
Findlay, OH
Received in 3 days, exactly what was described, beautiful, functional, well made and innovative. Will be using it in November for an international trip and I can't wait. Wish they made a personal bag and a larger piece. Can't say enough and definitely 5 Stars!! Regards, Gary T.
Beautiful and well-crafted
Spring Lake, MI
It's absolutely stunning, and looks extremely high-end. It comes with a dust bag which is perfect when storing it. The interior is very spacious. If you're skeptical about buying a suitcase online, don't be. It's a carry on for everyone, perfect either for business trips or for getaways. The only issue I found is I wish I could buy a bigger, matching bag to go with my carryon.
Larry C
Pretty much my go-to suitcase now.
I've had this luggage case for a while now, but waited to write a review until I had plenty of chances to use it. When I needed a suitcase for business trips, I did my homework, and it meets all guidelines for all airlines. This suitcase is the ideal for local and air travel. I used this luggage for business trips and even local business, having meetings that require additional material - like files or presentations -- to take along. Hard shell is distinctive and attractive and has a nice sheen to it. I like it that it’s easy to travel with but also had a great look.
Great gift for someone who travels alot!
I bought this as a last minute gift and kind of thought it would not arrive in time, but the Andiamo team gave extra courtesy and made the suitcase arrive 2 days before my friend's birthday. My friend was thrilled when he opened it and he really loves it!! So adorable and well-made. It is a perfect gift for anyone of the go!
Peter M
Excellent Luggage
Bought one for my business travel. Travel involved planes, trains, and automobiles and I managed easily through all. It survived well and easily fit business, fitness, and casual clothes for a week. No problems with size on the airline - it is well within the limit.
David P.
Absolutely in LOVE with my new luggage. Came exactly how it was described. This aluminum frame is really tough, and after trips from DC to Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston, it has stood the test! I think it is because it is designed in a more superior way, and the inside clasps and tie downs are durable and well conceived, and of strong synthetic material. I also like it because I can always pick it out. It is distinctive.
Best Carry-on for Business Trip
New York
I just returned from my 3 days business trip with this carry-on luggage. It looks beautiful & I like it a lot. I literally took it with me to have meetings with clients, and it impressed my clients as well. The outer shell is quite durable. Super convenient that there are storage compartments for my laptop and any other accessories I want to bring on the plane too.The inside of the main compartment is divided that could be used to keep shoes separate or dirty things isolated. Tested and used. Recommended for sure.
Iona C.
Excellent customer service and LOVE MY ANDIAMO LUGGAGE!
Hello. I saw the Andiamo Lugagge on instagram since I'm always scrolling and looking for fashionable stuff. It was love at first sight and I knew I had to had it. Since I'm a flight attendant, as soon as I knew I was going to be in NY I tried to purchase it. Things came in the way is that it does not ship worldwide, so I decided to send an email for the customer service and I really thought back then that everything was lost, but then.. Carrie answered, she helped me through all of it, made every arrangements for the lugagge to arrive on the only day I had in NY, and handled everything that showed up. I had do to the purchase with a friends card from the US but it was really worth it. I LOVE MY ANDIAMO LUGGAGE! A big thanks to Carrie for the 5 stars customer service she provided. I'm really beyond grateful there's still people who do their best to help other people, on whatever the matter it is. Kindest Regards, Iona C. from Portugal.