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The Andiamo Classico is designed with classical aesthetics and modern travel needs in mind. The beautiful high gloss finish and silent spinner wheels let you glide effortlessly through the airport and be the point of envy.

We proudly offer free U.S. shipping and a 100-day trial period.

Size: 22” X 14” X 8.5” (including wheels and handles)

Weight: 10.4 lbs

Capacity: 35 Liters

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The unique 30/70 split allows the Classico to have the most spacious interior. Multiple organizational pockets for easy access and compression pad to keep your belongings in place.


With a built in USB port, you can keep your phone charged on the go. Separate battery pocket inside to allow for easy access. (Battery pack not included)


58 customers reviews

Kenneth G
Gorgeous exterior/interior.
Now that I have used this luggage for a two week trip, I can recommend it. Wonderful craftsmanship, very well designed, provides all sorts of pockets for organizing, plus excellent securing straps and separators to keep garments unwrinkled. Holds weeks worth of clothing if you pack it right. Rolls better than any suitcase I've ever owned. And the color red ruby color is very classy. It's truly a luxury case.
Amazingly well thought out carry on luggage!
This is an amazing carry-on. The wheels run smoothly and soundlessly. Would highly recommend. It provides the security I need for my laptop, iPad, cell phone & documents.
Nina S
A must for all travelers!!
Traveled from New York to Australia twice and I Love this carry on! Effortless to push and it's roomy yet compact. The compartments inside make packing so easy. Most importantly, for me it's lightweight and durable. I had no trouble fitting into the overhead bin. I've had other carry ons from different brands say they are "carry on" but not really and then I ended up having to gate check it.
Lina G
Quality piece of luggage
Austin TX
The carry on is spacious enough for a week worth of stuff, with a handy compartment for my laptop. Love how durable and sleek the suitcase looks and how premium the quality is for the price. Good value any way you look at it.
Nice looking piece of baggage.
It looks really nice. The wheels are smooth. Terrific suitcase. Met all expectations and worth the cost.
Darin L
Can't recommend enough!!
My husband ordered one of these for himself before our trip to Europe last winter, and it worked perfectly the entire trip. Super smooth to pull and the perfect size for a carry-on for international flights. We are leaving to Europe again next week, and you better believe I purchased myself this one! Can't wait to use it, it's so sleek. Perfectly designed!
Jane L.
Largest Carry-On Ever!
I travel well over 100k miles per year, all over the world, so I have gotten pretty picky about my luggage, especially since I refuse to check my bags. Want to point out that I love the 70/30 split. It is almost impossible to find a hardshell case that is not 50/50. For my longer trips where I stay in a different hotel every night and cannot do laundry, a 50/50 split just doesn't give me enough packing room. I think this should be exploited more by Andiamo. This split and not having a lot of material/padding on the walls, gives you a lot of volume for packing; more than most any suitcase.
Giovanna V.
Cute red suitcase
This is the perfect size carry-on. Love the design and the color. It holds a surprising amount, and the piece is not too heavy. The interior pockets are really handy. Great traveling companion!
High quality, durable, beautiful carry-on with quick shipping and arrival!
Ohio, US
I was wary purchasing suitcases online. I travel often and anyone who has ever flown understands that how import it is to have a reliable carry on. I did not want to get a soft suitcase or a boring, solid color set that you can find anywhere. And it took me about five days to finally decide on it. I am SO VERY pleased with this Andiamo Carry-On. The wheels offer a smooth 360-degree spin. I was surprised with just how much room there is to pack your belongings. The hard shell on the outside is beautiful! It is complimentary to my style and I got a lot of compliments on this luggage. The suitcases come with a 100 day trial and ten year warranty after. Overall, I am extremely pleased with my purchase and would recommend this carry-on to anyone! I hope this review helps someone who may be just as indecisive as I was.
Great looking bag!
Impressive Luggage. Getting on and off escalators was a breeze when I had the luggage in an upright (all four wheels on the floor) position. I was able to wheel it in front of me on all four wheels up the isle of the airplane then easily picked it above my head and slipped it into the overhead bin. And the compliments from the flight attendants and other passengers was abundant! Great looking luggage and extremely efficient!